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Do this ONE thing to supercharge your faith life

Every Christian believer knows that FAITH is the basic requirement to follow Jesus. For good reasons, the Bible doesn’t come with a life map. I suppose if it did, most of us would set out on it (if you are like me, then mostly without a plan) and tell God to follow us instead of the other way around.

Hebrews 11, is a testament of those who chose to follow God, had to have great faith because all they could see when they set out was a dark tunnel in front of them. With God even though things look as if they are spontaneous, they are planned to perfection with back up plans (in case you decide to go rogue).

For the longest time, I desired to have that kind of faith. The sort that moves mountains, splits seas, works miracles and basically just rescues me from myself sometimes.

You too? Same pinch!

We fail too, right? I hear ya!

After failing innumerable times in keeping my faith at a minimum the size of a mustard seed, one fine day it struck me what I should do to really supercharge my faith in Jesus.

Think about this with me. What happens when you face situations that call on you to have supercharged faith? For instance, starting a new venture or having a baby (yes that needs super-duper faith), full-time ministry, etc.

You feel exactly like a person about to bungee jump standing on the last foot of ground before its air under your feet and your stomach is about to heave out of your mouth. The bungee jumpers do take the jump (trainer might have given a shove too) but you stood looking at a missed chance because you couldn’t handle the uncertainty of the leap.

It has happened with me way too many times. I have beaten myself over not having enough faith on God to see me through challenges that would have opened new doors for me. Or I have arrived a bit too late.

Here’s a latest instance where I needed supercharged faith in my life,

I wanted to start a blog about 3 years ago. I almost was coerced into it as a result of being a SAHM wanting to do something with my cobwebbed brain. So I bought a website thinking I might as well use my time to pursue writing even as some loved ones cheered me on.

A few months into trying to set up a blog, I gave up. The technology of handling a blog was not my forte.

I accepted defeat, not just on the technology but on the whole idea of writing.

But it kept weighing heavily on me. I know that writing is a God-given talent that I am to use to bless someone but I chose to bury it in the ground.

My sight was telling me that I cannot figure out the technological mumbo jumbo in front of me. I saw mountains of successful blogs hogging the internet. Facts like my educational qualifications in different feilds became curtains over my vision. Myths I told myself like I have nothing new to say, my writing won’t help anyone, etc. stood like giants telling me to stay on the other side of the wall. Everywhere I looked I saw there were odds surrounding me like an Amazon forest shutting out rays of the Sun. And another two years of my life went by as I shoveled more and more dirt onto my gift.

But since you are reading this on my blog, obviously something gave way. I did one thing to supercharge my faith in God.

 I had to GO BLIND!

Instead of looking at the reasons to NOT write, I made way for reasons to write. I went from writing nothing to writing everyday. It is not easy but that’s where faith comes in. It’s a blindfolded journey but God is leading so that settles it.

That is what you have to do too. Bid adieu to your sight that’s fleeting and say hola! to your God-given vision.

To supercharge your faith go blind

You are not able to experience supercharged faith as its easier to believe in things you see and can control. The long list of applicants applying for the same job you want is not easily ignored. We are able to foresee our kids becoming camouflaged human robots stuck to a charging station. We perceive ourselves sticking like a sore thumb with all the flaws deemed unacceptable in normal people (maybe that’s just me).

What we don’t see is God’s amazing way of working for and through us. Our eyes can’t see the angel armies surrounding us. We don’t decipher the plans He has for us. We don’t see the cloud leading us in our journeys.

Because, to see all that we need faith powered vision, not sight.

The Spirit of God helps us have faith that’s designed to follow visions not sights.

That is our motto, “For we live by faith and not by sight”.

I don’t want to leave you with some abstract idea of faith so I will share with you PRACTICALLY what I did to supercharge my faith to take the steps God was prompting me to.

Some practical ways to go blind to supercharge your faith.

  • Filter out distractions
                    Intentionally weed out all those thoughts that come against your good desires because God honors plans that are in His will (but first figure out if it’s His will or not). It could be the enemy’s plot to distract you and it can come through social media, well-meaning advice from people who don’t really know you, conflicting interests, your own ‘overthinking- hairpicking’ brain, etc.
    Stop comparing yourself to other established people in the same field. Trust God to chart out your own customized path.

  • Seek help
                    For me not being able to figure out the technological part was the biggest issue. Help came from a dear friend who has been helping me set it up. She works around my limitations and patiently breaks down the technical language for me. I’d say God sent her like he sent Aaron for Moses.
    Getting help can help throw light on the first step that you need to take so eventually it will become easier to keep taking step after step. We may not have all the skills we need to do something so finding people to walk along with us can ease the struggles. It could be friends, family, co-workers, and many others who could step in and untangle you. 

  • Get comfortable with uncertainty      
                    Supercharged faith will put you in spots that are out of your comfort zone. You may need to acquire skills you didn’t have before or go through some rubbing to be polished. You may have to fall, detour, let go, in order to follow the vision God has kept for you.
    But the sooner you get comfortable with not knowing the end result, the faster you will move. It’s important to regularly remind yourself that God champions journeys more than destinations. He has a lot to teach us on the way.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For by it the people of old received their commendation. By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.”

— Hebrews 11:1-3 ESV
 Supercharged faith will put you in spots that are out of your comfort zone


I have faith that God has a plan to use my writing in ways unknown to me. Even if writing turns out to be a stint for this season of life, God has a plan for me. He has the same thought for you where you are stuck in life.

All the heroes in the Bible who walked by faith (Hebrews 11) weren’t perfect examples. They sometimes missed the point, committed blunders, tried to help God with their own limited wisdom, but they chose FAITH no matter how many times they had to redo it. They were victorious in the end.

What are the areas you need to supercharge your faith today? I’d be more than happy to read your experiences.

Has this post blessed you? Share it with someone who you can bless by it too.


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