Blog Posts

Does the thought of writing content for your blog/business or website send you spiraling into confusion? Finding the right words can be time-consuming when you have a business to take care of.
I can help you write content and free up precious time that you can then invest in your business. Win-Win right?

Here’s what you can choose

  • Short blog posts (500 – 700 words) on a topic with keywords of your choice
  • Long-form posts and articles (1000-1500 words) optimized for keywords of your choice
  • Short captions for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) based on images/content you want to promote

Repurposing content

Do you already have old content sitting in your web library collecting dust? Its a gold mine waiting to be re-purposed into new content that can be promoted in other formats like short posts, tweets, video-scripts etc.

All you need to do is send me the old content and wait for the magic to happen.


Have content that can use a makeover? Want a fresh tone to the voice of your business online?
I will help you edit your existing content and help you in refreshing the tone of your content.

If you are interested in availing any of the services above, please drop me an email at with the subject line “SERVICES” and your requirement.

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