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3 Life Lessons Being Covid19 Positive Taught Me

The second Covid19 wave mercilessly devoured many countries, mine being one of them. Daily headlines spread even more fear. Soon the horrors started hitting close to home. People I knew were gasping for air, waiting for hospital beds for days together, isolated, and even dying. The days were just full of bad news hitting like a hurricane. There was no escape, except taking shelter in homes and in prayers.

And then I and my family (husband and two preschoolers) started showing symptoms.

Over the course of three days, my family got better. But I got worse. The virus had started to affect my lungs, my energy levels had dropped so much that I couldn’t walk for one full minute. I received medical intervention on the phone, and most of my recovery was home-based, closely monitored by family and friends of the medical fraternity. But there was a point, had any of the timing gone wrong where it could have gone worse, I could have been waiting in line for an oxygen cylinder, or even being wrapped up in a body bag.

While I was lucky, many in my country were not. The experience taught me these lessons which not only helped me cope with Covid19 but also serve as reminders to live the life we have been given.

Life is what you make of it

All of us have been guilty of treating our lives as too important or not important enough. Some of us take life so seriously that we don’t have space to slow down and notice the things that make life worth living. While others are so casual that we don’t have a purpose or path that makes our life meaningful.

The pandemic is teaching us to slow down, retreat from the hustle culture, and really find the pace and purpose that is meant for each individual. If we can identify the essentials of our lives and run behind only those, we will experience joy and fulfillment.

You are only as good as your body

I was walking every day for 5 km. I had started 5 months before. My initial goal was to lose weight, so I had started eating healthy and walking committedly. I saw no visible change in my weight, which was disheartening sometimes. Little did I know, that my lungs and my overall health improved even while my dress size agonized me.

The purpose of healthy living shouldn’t be to make us look a certain way but to ensure that our body has a fighting chance against diseases like the Covid19. Every little choice we make in favor of our body, be it exercise, nutrition, or simply prioritizing our mental health, plays a key role in the quality of our overall life.

Besides, who likes wincing every time they have to get up from the couch?

Relationships are the highest currency we can earn

My conversations with other people who were Covid19 infected have made it clear that we are nothing without our neighbors.

And by neighbors, I mean friends, family, co-workers, and literal neighbors.

The worst aspect of this disease is isolation. You have to cut off from everyone. Being home quarantined meant we couldn’t buy medicines and groceries. Both our families live in other cities. Our friends rose to the occasion. They delivered whatever it was we needed, food, medicines, etc. One of them even risked the infection and drove us to the hospital.

Our next-door neighbors sent food thrice a day so we didn’t have to worry about cooking. People called multiple times a day to inquire about us and keep constant tabs on our health. Without such support, it would have been so much harder for us to cope.

The fatigue made me irritated at repeated calls and the advice that poured in, but I have never been more grateful for having relationships to surround me at this hard time I was going through. Most importantly, other than the physical help, people letting you know that they are standing by you when you fight this disease is the biggest support you need. All the money in the world cannot buy that. Spending money to build those relationships is a better investment of your wealth than lifeless stock exchanges. I have yet to hear anyone saying stock exchange and mutual investments saved their lives.

Final thoughts

Having our priorities sorted, treating our bodies right, and investing in people are the best decisions we will ever make for ourselves. Live life as a gift. I made it through Covid19. I am counting my blessings and grateful for a new lease of life so I could share these words with you.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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